What our students are saying

I decided to join this mentorship in order to learn about HRT, how to help my patients and myself with perimenopause, menopause, post menopause and to know how to transmit that information. As a physician, we are actually not taught much about menopause in medical school! If you need to understand and advise others on this subject with confidence this mentorship program is for you.

Roschia Vargas, MD
Family Practice Physician in Puerto Rico

The time and effort put into creating the Midlife Mentorship program was obvious from the start. It was detailed, up to date, and included all the necessary references needed to back up my new knowledge. Having been in the medical field professionally for over 25 years, I was impressed with its functionality, applicability, and critical thinking. All of which are lacking in most healthcare providers today. Thank you for the time you both invested in teaching us!

Marci Zavala

The Mastering Midlife Mentorship has been a game changer for me, both personally and professionally. Kristin and Maria are so knowledgeable and have the clinical experience to back up their teachings and recommendations. While I have been in the health and wellness space as a physical therapist and integrative health coach for many years, I didn’t learn any of this information in my formal education. 

I gained so much from Kristin and Maria about midlife, hormone changes, and the importance of hormone replacement as part of a holistic approach to wellness. I highly recommend both their clinical mentorship program and their client-based programs. They have given me the confidence to work with midlife women and guide my clients through optimizing their health while addressing all the changes that occur in menopause. I am also super confident with my personal choice of HRT, thanks to Kristin and Maria’s teachings. 

This mentorship is priceless because, like many other women, I felt led astray by my physician when it came to HRT.  Working with Kristin and Maria is definitely worth the investment!

Julie Derr

BSPT/ATC Integrative Health Coach IHP2

With 2 certifications, personal research and my own experience I knew I had good baseline knowledge about women’s hormone health, perimenopause and menopause but still felt like there was more I didn’t know. I’d seen other hormone courses but worried they would just scratch the surface- as most courses do when it comes to hormones in midlife. Then I got an email from Kristin and Maria about the Mastering Midlife Mentorship and knew this was what I was looking for. I signed up almost immediately. Having followed Wise and Well for some time I knew they knew what they were talking about and I appreciated their science based approach. I knew they could help fill in the gaps I had, which at the time I thought were primarily around HRT. Later, I realized it was so much more…but not anymore! Having completed the mentorship I feel much more confident in my knowledge and like I now really have what I need to support women on this journey. Thank you Kristin and Maria.

Krissy Nevero

Functional Health Coach, INHC, FDN-P, CMS

This mentorship is absolutely worth the investment! I started off as a client of Kristin and Maria’s when I knew things were starting to change in my own body and wanted to be prepared for the decades to come. It was SO much more than I expected! The knowledge that I gained sparked a new passion to help women understand and navigate the uniquely dynamic and challenging phase of perimenopause and beyond. The course is definitely challenging (I felt like I was back in college!). It is a deep dive into the female body, hormones, lifestyle, nutrition and physical fitness. It has truly advanced my comprehension and understanding of the female body, how our hormones play a crucial role in our health, how to optimize our health in this phase of life, and how to apply it in coaching other women in midlife. It definitely stretched and challenged my midlife brain, but it was so worth it. The education and support Kristin and Maria provide is absolutely top notch! I highly recommend this mentorship!

Sarah Estes