We do midlife women’s health. 

And we do it very well.

We challenge the belief that feeling less than optimal is “normal” at our age.

We believe the second chapter of life should include:

√ Slim Waistlines

√ Healthy Skin + Hair

√ A Thriving Libido 

√ Balanced Moods

√ A Sharp Brain

√ Strong Bones

√ A Healthy Heart

√ Excitement for the Future


You know that your choices NOW determine how you live the next 50 years of your life.

You are committed for the long haul.

You are ready to dig deep with nutrition and lifestyle changes guided by testing and mentorship to guarantee that you age with your wits and waistline intact!



I am a functional nutritionist with advanced training in holistic nutrition as well as a specialty in peri-menopause and menopause health.  I am Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, a certified DUTCH hormone test practitioner, and a graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association’s Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program. In addition, I have special training in amino acid therapy for anxiety and mood disorders as well as mindset coaching to facilitate change.  I completed a professional mentorship with naturopathic endocrinologist Dr. Rebecca Provorse in 2020 and am also a “recovering” corporate attorney. I will perform a comprehensive functional analysis of your health history, nutrition status and lab tests to create an individualized protocol aimed at rebalancing your body’s systems and solving for any deficiencies. I then guide you through shifts in diet, lifestyle and mindset while educating you on options to restore or support your hormones and optimize your health! When not working with clients you will find me with my husband hiking, exploring the world, covered in Golden Retriever fur, or catching up with my adult sons.


I am a functional health coach with a specialty in peri-menopause and menopause.  I graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013 and then went on to study in a hormone program for practitioners with Dr Sara Gottfried in 2014. I spent the first 8 months of 2015 completing the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification Program and, in 2017, completed the Menopause Method Program for Physicians with Dr David Rosensweet.  I have been personally mentored by hormone scholar Dr Lindsey Berkson and naturopathic endocrinologist Dr Rebecca Provorse. I now mentor other health coaches and nutritionists to help them understand the unique and profound hormone changes of midlife.  I combine holistic health coaching with functional lab tests to help you identify and assess your hormonal deficiencies, gut health and metabolic status.  I then educate you on your options for hormone therapy so that you can work with a hormone provider (either your own or one of ours) from a position of knowledge and clarity instead of fear and confusion. When I am not working with clients, you will find me traveling, horseback riding, walking outdoors or cooking. 

Together we’re known for being relentless when it

comes to the science of health + hormones.

We are professionals who are fiercely committed to midlife women’s health.⠀

We use carefully chosen lab work, nutrition that is specific to midlife women, mindset coaching + hormone replacement therapy education to help you lose weight and reclaim your health so that you can make midlife magnificent!

We believe

It’s time to rethink midlife. For too long now, midlife is being treated like a diagnosis, much like menopause, and its gifts are being overlooked in favor of its challenges. It is this fact that inspired the Wise+Well logo.

We believe that women have inherent value to society that stretches far beyond the production of children; in fact, it used to be the tradition that the second phase of a woman’s life is where her value was most treasured because it is during this time that women served as compassionate healers and empowered holders of wisdom. In ancient cultures, when one was seeking wellness, the first stop was to the revered, wise midlife woman who was looked upon almost as a goddess. Our logo honors this tradition.

With a hat tip to Athena, Olympian goddess of wisdom and knowledge, the W+W logo is fashioned after Athena’s Greek symbol representing her shield and spear but which also resembles the symbol for the Roman goddess, Venus, who rules over femininity, love and beauty. The olive branch inside represents the peace and victory we hope to help midlife women secure, as well as serves to honor Maria’s Mediterranean heritage. The placement of Wise before Well represents our inherent belief that wellness can only be secured after gaining the wisdom necessary for that journey.

We Want to Work With You so That You Can Be WISE+WELL Too!